>Hotel Design Process 酒店设计流程
  • 第一阶段 设计启动 Phase Ⅰ: Design Initiation


    In the initial stage of interior design, our company arranges a consultation meeting between your executive management team (including the architect representative and the project leader) and the main members from our design team to determine the design requirements and aims of each area. Besides, we use this opportunity to strengthen our contact and enhance mutual understanding.

  • 第二阶段 概念设计 Phase Ⅱ: Conception Design

    根据前期了解的资料,对综合性项目进行可行性分析,在总体规划方面,提出交通动线的畅通性, 设计会客观理性的加以剖析,并提出合理优化方案。结合经营的要求,提出动线和区块划分的平面图,并同经营管理团队进行先期沟通,以便更准确有效地进行后续工作。提报后设计将根据明确后的调整意见,对概念方向加以修正并以正式文本方式向贵司提出,作为后续工作的设计依据。

    Based on the information collected in the early stage, our team analyzes the feasibility of this comprehensive project. We put forward the efficiency of moving lines and provide a reasonable optimized scheme by objective and rational analysis. We draft the plan of moving lines and area dividing according to the hotel management requirement. To ensure proper follow up, we will discuss with your executive management team in this phase. Referring to the decided adjustment, we will modify the design conception and direction and provide a formal text as the design basis for your company.

  • 第三阶段 方案设计 Phase Ⅲ: Conceptual Design

    方案设计是建立在概念设计的基础上,对酒店设计及技术上的深化。达到相关部门对图纸的报批深度要求。方案设计是概念设计中的方向定位。落实到方案设计中每一个细节。确定规划指标、空间形态空间视觉的氛围。同时地关系到整个 酒店设计 运营最终的成败

    Conceptual design is based on the design conception and proceeds with the interior design technically to meet the requirements of the authorized examining and approving organ. In this phase our team designs every detail of the project according to the design orientation and position decided in the conception stage. We determine the planning index, space form and visual atmosphere that concern the success of the hotel operation.

  • 第四阶段 扩初设计 Phase Ⅳ: Preliminary Design


    This phase connects the conceptual design phase with the implementation phase. After the conceptual design and modifications, we push forward the work on drawing. Considering the cooperation with other design units, we express our design ideas through construction drawings, to provide convenience for the detailed design teams such as electromechanical device, indication system, heating ventilation, fire control, curtain wall and landscape architecture. If your commercial operating team has special investment demands, please put forward your advice in this phase and cooperate with us to modify the design scheme.

  • 第五阶段 施工图设计 Phase Ⅴ: Drawing Design


    After confirming the result of Phase Ⅳ, we prepare the documents for relevant construction, list the requirements of each decoration item, and coordinate with the engineering unit and your project team, to ensure a smooth execution of the project. The content of the drawings will explain the pattern and materiel for each design detail.

  • 第六阶段 设计服务 Phase Ⅵ: Design Service


    After the project construction work starts, our hotel design team will assign experienced members to supervision service at the construction site in every crucial stage of the project. The service includes the confirmation of materials and technics, the design adjustment for the real situation, and the cooperation with your company in the completion inspection before the hotel opening.